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Small Projects

•  500KW Roof top at Banglore
•  110KWp Solar Grid connect PV Power Plant‐ Tata Power, Lonavala-
•  600KW at Gujarat
•  100KW roof top at Maharastra
•  90KWp BIPV Grid Hybrid PV Power Plant‐ Samudra Institute of Maritime Studies
•  80KWp LnT, Navi Mumbai
•  25KWp X 2 Nos. for Municipal Corporations
•  20KWp Standalone at LnT, Chakan
•  50KWp Grid Hybrid at LnT , Mumbai
•  50KWp Moserbaer, Panvel
•  10KWp X 2Nos Wind Solar Hybrid at Ane and UlasnagarMunicipalcorporation.
•  18KWp at BIPV Suzlon, Pune
•  10.5 KWp X 3Nos at DRDO
•  10KWp X 3Nos for Gail India for pipeline project in MP
•  3.92 KWp X 7 Nos for Bank of Baroda across India
•  1~3KWp X 110 Nos. standalone system for Bank of India across India
•  67KWp Hybrid system for Tata Power, Mumbai
•  6~10KWp Standalone system for Indus Tower
•  1.8KWp – 50 Nos. Water Pumping system across Maharashtra

Around 5000 Nos. of Solar Street light and 32200 Nos of Home Lights